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The Age of Continuous Connection

By Barry Jenner
The excerpt below is from a Harvard Business Review article in May-June 2019 by Siggelkow and Terwiesch. 
“Thanks to technologies that enable constant, customized interactions, businesses are building deeper ties with their customers. Firms can now address customer needs the moment they arise – and sometimes even earlier. By employing connected strategies, companies are dramatically improving their customers’ experiences, boosting their own operational efficiencies, and gaining competitive advantage. In their research the authors have identified four effective connected strategies: Respond to desire, which entails filling customer’s requests quickly and seamlessly; curated offering, or presenting personally tailored recommendations; coach behaviour, or reminding people of needs and goals and nudging them to act; and automatic execution, or anticipating what people want and delivering it without even being asked. To get the most out of these strategies, forms must understand customers’ privacy preferences, build new capabilities, and use the learning from repeated interactions to shape future ones.” 

Transport operators must ensure the do not compromise their Chain of Responsibility “COR” obligations when being quick.



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