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Peter Drucker wrote about Business Realities:

  • The present business must be made more effective
  • Its potential must be identified and realized
  • It must be made into a different business for a different future

Barry helps businesses face the realities identified by Drucker.

Using facilitation techniques rather than traditional consulting ensures the business owner and key people “own” the strategies and plans. This maximizes change to produce stronger profits and cash flow. 

Facilitation is also done for non-profit organizations. One client with a new chairman requested facilitation of a one day planning workshop. The outcome was clear information which was then incorporated into their Strategic Business Plan.

Seth Godin, writing in the Harvard Business Review observed:

Many people “see their role as cranking out average stuff for average people, pushing down price, and, at best, marginally improving value. That used to be the way to grow an organization.
No longer. The world will belong to those who create something scarce, not something cheap. The race to the top has just begun.”

We coach our clients to offer a scarce and coveted good or service to win.

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