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What Matters Now by Gary Hamel

By Barry Jenner

Great new Executive Book Summary from Soundview on "What Matters Now" by Gary Hamel.


He asks "What are the fundamental, make-or-break issues that will determine whether your organization thrives or dies in the years ahead?"


He says the answer is found in five paramount issues:


Values: With trust in large organizations at an all time low, there is an urgent need to rebuild the ethical foundations of capitalism.


Innovation: Innovation is the only defence against margin crushing competition, and the only way to outgrow a dismal economy.


Adaptability: In a world of accelerating change, every company must build an evolutionary advantage. The forces of inertia must be vanquished. The ultimate prize: an organization that is as nimble as change itself.


Passion: In buisness as in life, the difference between "insipid" and "inspired" is passion. With mediocrity fast becoming a competitive liability, success depends on finding new ways to rouse the human spirit at work.


Ideology: Today, businesses need more than better practices, they need better principles. Bureaucracy and control have had their day. It's time for a new ideology based on freedom and self-determination.  




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